Immigrate To Europe

With an array of benefits like low tax rates and free trade within the EU and the option to become a permanent resident within a short time, Europe offers a number of opportunities to entrepreneurs. Different countries in Europe have their own immigration and visa programs for foreign entrepreneurs and investors. Some immigration programs might get one permanent residency, while others are time limited visas for work, study or travel. 

The European Union emerged after the Second World War with the creation of European Economic Community (EEC) in 1958 and later changed to European Union (EU) in 1993 and added numerous countries having unilateral economic and political agreements. The idea was to create a unilateral rule of law in the areas such as:

  • Economy
  • Development
  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Humanity
  • And business with a single border and currency

The residents of European Union are allowed to travel freely (Schengen Access) but at the same time are expected to respect and follow the set rules of law as defined in the EU treaties.

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